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    Can't delete dead REPO...


      We use SuperAgent repositories and Global Updating.


      One box that was a SuperAgent Repo died...


      ok, so I assigned a new box to the function, but I can't delete the old one..


      I disabled it in the repositories list so client machines don't go there, but I get errors everyday about replication failing, and ePO won't let me have it NOT replicate, because of global updating.


      How do I delete that now dead repo?

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          SuperAgent repositories are created through the McAfee Agent policy.



          To remove the SuperAgent repositories, disable the option in the McAfee Agent policy.


          For ePO 4.5 and 4.6

          1. Log on to the ePO 4.5 or 4.6 console with an ePO Global Administrator account.
          2. Click Menu, Policy, Policy Catalog.
          3. Select McAfee Agent under the Product drop-down list.
          4. If you are using MA 4.6 or above, select General under the Category drop-down list.
          5. Click Edit Settings under the column titled Actions to modify the policy that is assigned to the node or group that is configured as a SuperAgent repository.
          6. Click the General tab and deselect Use systems running SuperAgents as distributed repositories.
                NOTE: Deselect Convert agents to SuperAgents (Windows only) if  you want to disable the SuperAgent in addition to the SuperAgent repository.
          7. Click Save.
          8. Click the Systems tab in the System Tree and select the node or group that has the assigned policy.
          9. Click Actions, Agent, select Wake Up Agents, and click OK.
                NOTE: You might have to send a second Agent Wake up call or wait for the next ASCI for the status of the agent to reflect properly in the agent properties.
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            That is good infromation to have, but sadly it doesn't help me in my situaation.


            I can't send a wake-up call to an unresponsive node..


            This was an old server that had a RAID controller die so it wasn't replaced...


            So I have a ghost entry in the Distributed repositories..


            When I followed your instructions, I had 1 node left as a repo...the dead one...and it won't go away...


            I'm thinking support call and a DB command...I hate messing with the DB too..

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              Another way that may assist you,

              Can you replace the network card of your new box with old box.

              Having the old NIC in new box will  communicate with your server as it is the old box because of MAC address,

              Once communication take plce , follow the first solution to delete it.

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                Sailendra Pamidi

                If the Super Agent repository machine is no longer available on the network, try deleting the entry from system tree. Then restart the ePO Application server service.

                This should rebuild the repository list and the offending entry removed.