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    McAfee Total Protection 2012 installation problem


      This is Deep, I bought a McAfee Total Security 2012 and install the software with the CD. but it was not getting activated. after installation, the window saying "Please wait while we connect McAfee.com" remained as it is for more than an hour. I tried a lot. it didn't work.

      My system requirements were okay. the firewall was off. but still it was not working. i have even uninstalled the previous McAfee Security Center. but all in vain.

      Therefore, i uninstall the cd version of McAfee Total Protection and logged in My McAfee account. there, i entered by Product key and the account subscription has been activated. thereafter, followed the instruction and downloaded the McAfee setup from web. but, this time the problem went out with the installation. several times I tried but the window says, "McAfee installation failed". the internet was working properly. But I could not figure out why. i am using Mozilla browser as the IE browser is not supporting the McAfee login. my laptop is of Dell, Windows 7 64 bit.

      Please Help. can McAfee send me a technician in my residential place. that will be of great help. i am trying to get them in touch but I can't get them. help me out. please


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          First you need to do a proper uninstall of the previous versions of McAfee on your PC.


          Steps to do in order to get a clean uninstall:


          1. Go to the "Usefull Links" Section up in that page and download MCPR.exe, save it in your Desktop

          2. Reboot PC and during rebooting press F8 key to go to Boot Options -> Boot in Safe Mode (OPTIONAL)

          3. Go to Control Panel and uninstall the product.

          4. Reboot (normal or safe mode), run MCPR.exe

          5. Reboot and clean folders:


              5.1. C:\\Program Files\McAfee - delete everything inside.

              5.2. C:\\Program Data\McAfee - delete the whole folder. (C:\\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee if you run Windows XP machine)

              5.3. C:\\Users\YourUsername\Appdata\Local\Temp - delete everything which you can identify as a McAfee folder.


          6. Reboot again.

          7. Proceed to log in into your McAfee account, Download and Install from there.




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            Hi there,

            Thanks for the reply. I did that you said but unfortunately, the MCPR.exe tool is unable to complete the removal process. after 80 percent of its running, its saying "MCPR is unable to remove all files". ;-(

            I have even deleted all mcafee folders from app data and temp. even ran preinstall.exe befor removing the c drive folders. attaching the logs. still  i dnt find the problem within. no third party software too, can Mcafee send someone to fix this or anyone who is master to handle these issues?

            any contact number?

            I called the customer care but they are all saying the same thing that I have already done. it will be better if some expert like you can check this handy. am looking forward for that support in Bangalore.

            Please reply


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