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    Internet Security - Firewall settings for domain network - Help Please

      Hi people.

      I've been using McAfee Internet Security in my home office for a few years (on both desktops and laptops) - and its been great.  I've just installed small business server 2011 essentials and am having problems.


      I've connected my desktop and laptop clients to the SBS 2011 E server and McAfee's Internet Security Firewall is blocking the connections - in particular backing up from the client laptops to the SBS 2011 E server - (note: my clients run Win 7 professional 64bit).  I have checked the McAfee event logs and its clear that the Firewall is blocking the Server IP address 's attempt to open various TCP and UDP ports to the client laptop and desktop. The log says, either trust the IP address of the server or open up the TCP / UDP ports. At this point I'm having problems:


      I have tried opening up the TCP / UDP ports in the Firewall settings (selecting "All PC's") and it doesn't work.


      I can't seem to find a way to trust the IP address of the SBS 2011 E server as in Win 7 - (in the Network & Sharing Centre) its a "Domain Network". In the McAfee Firewall Connections settings - I can only select either Home, Work, Public or Blocked networks.  


      How do I deal with a Domain Network with Internet Security's Firewall????


      At this stage, the only way I can back up is to completely disable Internet Security's Firewall.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


      David from Downunder.