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    How do I stop McAfee from using my credit card to automatically renew registered AV which is no longer in use?


      I have lost my email address/password that I used to register my product. I can no longer log in to My Account.  (User name was Karen Dohling and/or Esther Lydia Dohling, I don't even remember which; used for my nieces.) In the meantime, I could no longer use McAfee AV since my computer crashed 2 years ago. However, my Credit Card has been used for 2 years to automatically renew the registered AV.   I had corresponded with McAfee last year (2011) but the issue was not resolved.  How do I deactivate this feature so that my money gets refunded or at least is not used up by McAfee for no service provided.  Can anyone kindly help me to resolve this problem.  Thanks.