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    Unwanted effects of upgrades

      Does anyobody else find it odd, as I do, that McAfee has had nothing to say or apologise for about the recent inaccessibility of the internet following the most recent security upgrade? I wasted much time figuring out what had gone wrong.

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          Lots of people have expressed the view that McAfee's handling of the public relations side of things was, shall we say, less than perfect. Those rumblings of discontent can be found in a number of user forums, not just here. From what I saw at the time the major PR effort was directed towards the big corporate clients, because they're the big spenders. The Home product users were left pretty much in the dark. I'm sure lessons have been learned, and some of the (constructive) suggestions from the feedback will eventually be used to ensure that if anything like this happens again - and I'm not going to say it can't ever happen again - the handling of it will be better.


          There was a comment comparing McAfee's handling of the event with Microsoft's response to similar bad releases which management should take on board :


          What McAfee ought to be doing is taking a leaf out of Microsoft's book. When Microsoft release a bad update (and it's happened before now) the PR and customer-relations information team goes into overdrive. People know what's going on, and they know because they know where to look to find the information; and Microsoft make sure that the information goes out to multiple places, including Twitter, and is updated regularly. Folks can at least see the light at the end of the tunnel.