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    new hostname and IP for ePO 4.5.5; How do I update all the SiteList.xml files with the proper information?

      HISTORY: I migrated a copy of a working ePO server  (Win 2008 R2 SP1 x64) to another domain. Upon changing IP address, subnet mask, gateway, Primary and Secondary DNS address and hostname change, I encountered some problems where I couldn't log into the ePO console. That is beside the point, but after making adjustments in the SQL server, it was functional again.


      CURRENT SITUATION: The information in the SiteList.xml is not correct, so when I install a McAfee Agent 4.6, it can't communicate with the ePO server (I installed the agent on the ePO server itself, so it is not a network problem). I updated the server.ini file to reflect the hostname and IP changes, and I made new Master Security keys within the ePO Server Settings, yet somehow the SiteList.xml file still shows incorrect hostname information.


      QUESTION: What are all the various ways for me to make configuration changes that will update the SiteList.xml file? More specifically, I need the SiteList.xml file for all of the Agent install packages in my Current and Evaluation branches to be configured correctly so that upon deployment, the McAfee Agents work and communicate back to the ePO server as designed.


      Thank you in advance for your help.