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    Best practice for AD Authentication?

      Hey all,


      I have a serious question about authentication to AD and was wondering if anyone could help?


      It seems McAfee will both use LDAP and "Windows Authentication" to authenticate users. Which is the most preferable method?


      Scenario below:


      I have a forest root domain and 2 child domains. Some users in the forest root will have access to manage policies and systems for both the forest root domain and all child domains, while users of one of the child domains will have access only to their particular system tree child domain.


      I really want to cut down on the amount of logins needed to manage the environment, so I want ePO to authenticate against both the parent and 1 child domain.


      The 1 child domain is also an Encryption-managed domain. So it also needs a registered LDAP server to do a user import for encryption. The other 2 domains do not need this functionality.