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    Stop chrome downloads

      Is there a way to allow a google home page, but stop accepting the invite to downlaod chrome?  I have  set up a limited account with parental controls enabled, and also set browsing history to delete on exit.  So each time Google opens we get the invite to download Chrome.  I want to stop the kids doing this.


      I have tried blocking an extended URL eg www.google.co.uk/intl/en/chrome/  but doesn't seam to work?  Any ideas please?

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          That's the first time I've ever heard of a web page accepting a download for you, are you sure that you don't mean offering Chrome as a download, which of course you can then refuse.  If the latter, not that I know of but you should ask the question on any Windows Support group or Google groups. https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!overview


          Chrome is an optional download with other software often so you have to keep an eye open to uncheck that option.

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            Sorry I obviously didn't phrase the question very clearly.  It is not automatic, the Google Chrome question/offer pops up every time IE8 is opened, and kids being kids will out of curiosity if nothing else, will go for it.  I just wanted to ensure that it can't be downloaded.


            Is there no way in Mcafee to block extended URL's as I indicated above? eg www.google.co.uk/intl/en/chrome/ - from yr response may I assume not?

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              IE8, is this XP?   If Vista or Windows 7 you should be using IE9 for safety sake.


              It all depends on what software you have installed.  If you have Total Protection or Internet Security for instance you can put SiteAdvisor Live into Protected Mode, or you can implement Parental Controls, but make sure you sign into Windows using a  password protected Adminstrative user name and that all the kids are using Limited accounts (renamed Standard in Vista/Windows 7).   In my experience however, which by the way is limited to what I read on these forums as I don't have any myself. kids always seem to find a way around barriers and do what they want to do anyway.


              If you don't have the McAfee suite that includes all that IE has Parental Controls which you could set while signed in yourself.  Tools/Internet Options/Content tab.   Not sure how effective that is however.

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                Install Chrome.JPG



                That "Install Chrome" invitation is hard-coded into the Google home page. The first few lines of the relevant page code are shown below. There's no way to prevent it coming up if you have Google enabled as a search engine in IE. You could always take Google off the search engine list but I don't see any way to stop it being re-instated.


                Chrome page code.JPG

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                  On second thoughts there might be a way to do it using Firewall settings in Security Center. Go to 'Internet connections for programs' and just block anything you see related to Google. Of course, if you haven't already got Chrome installed there might not be anything there to block.

                  Firewall block Chrome.JPG

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                    I have to say i am very impressed with the help being provided, thank you....


                    I must also criticise myself for not being as fullsome as I should have been.


                    I am on Windows XP Pro SP3 using IE8, I installed McAfee Total Protection yesterday; I have installed the parental controls module for kids in the pre-teen bracket..  The winXP is a relatively recent clean re-install from scratch with an password protected admin account (me)  and limited account for the kids.  I being playing with group policies to see if I could block this, but even though I de-activate all IE8 internet options, it appears that google can do what it wants (and when it does, it subsequently creates errors when trying to log back in - I restore the system to back out what google has done!!).  I have also looked at the McAfee Firewall "internet connections for programs" and there is no reference to Google. As I mentioned before (for completeness sake) browsing history is deleted on logging off.


                    I assume there must be some way to stop this as I can't see business entities tolerating Google's abuse of their position.


                    thanks again for taking an interest in my little difficulty!

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                      Internet Explorer Help has a section about removing a search provider.

                      Remove search provider.JPG


                      You can also use the Manage Add-Ons options in IE's Tools menu -

                      IE add-ons.JPG


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                        It would be a pity to lose Google though as it's such an excellent search provider.  I'm wondering if we could apply reverse logic here and you install Chrome anyway, but make sure that it's not the default browser - that would stop it being offered at least.


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                          Thanks again, I took a look at this, first only Bing was shown in the list of search providers - no mention of google even though it isa secondary home page. 


                          I guess i could delete Google as home page and add it as a prohibited site, but thats a bit draconian, as Google is in my opinion the best search engine by far. It is an option but will continue to strive for a more practical solution - I can't believe there isn't one ot there somewhere?  Would be "nice" if one could block specific webpages and/or specific downloads.

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