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    Updates, updates, updates...


      There seems to have been a LOT of updates the past couple of months.  I installed 8.2.1 P03 on August 13 and notice that since then there have been

      8.2.1 P04

      8.2.1 P05



      That seems like a lot of changes for such a small time period.  Anyone have any insight as to what resulted in so many updates? 


      Also, anyone have any problems with 8.3.0 so far?



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          8.2.1 P05 replaced P04; P04 is no longer available as a result. P04 was removed due to a quality assurance issue that we quickly identified post release.


          Our statement regarding P04 is as follows:


          An issue in the 8.2.1P04 patch was observed that under certain conditions that could prevent proper firewall operation after a reboot and possibly afterwards.  The patch 8.2.1P04 was pulled from the download site to prevent this issue from effecting additional customers.  If you need the functionality advertised in P04, an Epatch that corrects the issue in 8.2.1P04 will be available on Tuesday 9/18 (Dependent upon successful completion of QA) along with P04. 8.2.1P05 will be released in the near future and contain both 8.2.1P04 and the fix for the observed issue.


          8.3.0 is a new version, not an update. There are no reported problems with 8.3.0 thus far, at least that I am aware of.

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            Thanks for the information.


            I upgraded to 8.3 yesterday with no problems.  Once installed, I checked for updates again and discovered that 8.3 has a Patch 1 available.  I installed it, too, and so far everything seems fine.