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    Remove AD connector without dissabling users

      We currently have a AD connector, how ever we are about to do a AD migration the process dissables the accounts in AD which in turn locks out the user from safeboot.


      I need to know the process to remove the AD connector which will enable the safeboot accounts to remain active once its removed. this is my prefered method


      one other thought was to remove the user binding but we have 2000+ users and I can see a way to remove bindings (only modify / Add)


      hope this question makes sence




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          if you just don't run the connector, then nothing will change your user accounts. No need to remove it, just don't run it again.


          If you want to connect your users to a new AD, then you need to modify the bindings on them to reflect the new GUID etc, and also create a new connector to manage the new AD. That's something you can script, or use something like my LinkUser tool (search here for info).


          It would not be a process that McAfee would support without prof services though.