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    Cannot access network printer after McAfee SecurityCenter reinstall


      I have two computers on a simple home network.  One is connected directly by wire to the router.  The other uses a wireless adapter.  A printer is connected to the wireless computer.  Both have McAfee SecurityCenter provided by my ISP.  The wireless computer runs Windows XP Professional with SP3.  The wired computer runs Windows XP MediaCenter Edition with SP2.


      A few months ago, the wireless computer experienced a corrupted McAfee update.  The computer froze during the process and could not be shut down, so it was switched off manually.  When rebooted, the wireless computer had no internet access at all, and opening McAfee SecurityCenter showed only a blank white box.


      I completely uninstalled McAfee using MCPR.  This restored internet access on the wireless computer.  I tried printing from the wired computer through the network and it printed fine.  I downloaded and reinstalled McAfee to the wireless computer, and after doing so, the wired computer can no longer access the printer, or any part of the wireless computer through the network.


      The wireless computer can access the wired computer but not the other way around.  In order to print, I have to move files to my shared folder, access them from the wireless computer and print them from there. I cannot even ping the wireless computer from the wired one.


      I am hoping there is some kind of permission or setting on the wireless computer that is preventing access.  McAfee appears to be functioning fine.  I have verified that both computers are “trusted” through the firewalls, but don’t know what else to do.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.

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          Kindly try adding the required IP address of other computer by following the below shown method and update me on the status.


          1. Select Firewall Settings

          2. Select "My Network Connections”

          3. Select “ADD” and add the required IP address of other computer.



          Now also add the Port Numbers for the wireless printer under “Ports and System Services” settings.


          Reboot the computer and check the status.



          If you need assistance in following the steps you may use useful links from top of the page to contact our technical support team.





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            That worked. 


            I entered the IP addresses of both computers in their respective McAfee SecurityCenter firewall settings just to make sure.  Both already had a generic trusted address shown (without the last 3 digits) but that was not specific enough I guess.


            I tried printing a test page from the remote computer through the network, and it printed fine.  I didn't do anything regarding ports since the print was successful.  I knew there had to be something simple like this that I was missing. 


            Thanks, Kriz!