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    HIPS Upgrade


      So, within ePO, I have a task, that does a product deployement too all systems in our laptop group.  Reason for this, is so when a laptop gets imaged, HIPS gets installed (security requirement).  It was originally setup for 7.0 so I changed it to  Now what is happening is some systems are uninstalling 7.0 and trying to install 8.0 but the tcp/ip stack gets corrupted and they can't connect to the network.  Why would these clients think to do an upgrade when within ePO it is a "product deployment" and not update?

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          I'm having a sort of similar problem to the above. I have a deployment client task to upgrade older product versions of HIPs to the current one but the task fails. However, when I run a mcafee update, HIPs is updated to the current product version *for this to happen HIPs v.8 Patch 2 has to be checked into ePO (we are using v.4.6.2).

          Still trying to troubleshoot on why the deployment task fails....


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            I have had luck with setting a task to first remove HIPS 7, then once confirming it's gone, run a task to install HIPS 8.  You're vulnerable for a time but it's the less-troublesome solution.