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    Encryption Agent not installed by EEPC is!


      Hello all,


      I've been rolling out Encyption to a couple hundred pc's and has seemed to gone reasonably well. However, I have 8 or so computers that have problems. Having a look on ePO server under "installed Products" for these clients, i've noticed that they have the EEPC software installed but not the EE Agent. Bizzare! My client task for Encyption is to install the EE Agent then the EEPC software. As the vast majority of my clients have installed with no probs, i'm just chalking it upto "just one of those things".


      What is the best approach now to push th emissing EE agent down - or the best proceedure?

      • Manually create a new task for these 8 computers to install the missing EE Agent?
      • Or repush and overwright the McAfee agent in hope it will reinstall everything (AV and Encryption again)?
      • Or...?


      As these are live systems 9am-5pm, i want to avoid that Encryption diaglog box to reboot pop up (at least during working hours). Would you think this would happen?