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    Mcafee All Access - Total Protection Errors


      I just installed MAATP(McAfee All Access - Total Protection) free trial a couple days ago, 9/26/2012, and now I am experiencing these countless errors with the product and require assistance (problems are listed as they occured):


      1.  After the install, upon regular use of my computer (gaming, browsing, etc) I was getting "tabbed" out of my current process. For example... right now I'm typing in this chatbox, but every 30 seconds or so (it's random but often enough to be really aggravating) I have to click back on the chatbox to continue typing.  With games it tabs to the desktop.


      2.  After troubleshooting the error described in "1" I was lead to new software installations, which lead me to the MAATP free trial I just installed.  So I tried opening MAATP free trial and  voila a black white box opens and that is it.  So I waited 10 minutes to see if MAATP was just having a rough time loading, but it wasn't that.  So I decided to just try to uninstall MAATP free trail but going to the control panel and same problem with the white box occurs.  I noticed though that I never got tabbed out of the MAATP blank white box window when I was clicked on it so at least I know that problem resides with this.


      3.  Anyways after dealing with what I said in "2" I when to McAfee Support.  The virtual technician found nothing, and the faqs had nothing either.  Live chat would let me choose my country and service type but then no chatbox opens.  So now I'm here trying to find a way to fix/uninstall MAATP free trial.  I'm trying to find if it's a virus but I've yet to find it if it is.


      Here's my hardware:


      Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop

      OS(64-bit): Windows 7 Home Premium

      Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P7450 @2.13GHz 2.13 GHz

      RAM: 3 GB