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    Intermittent NTLMv2 failures with 6.9.3 build 13514


      For the last 2-3 weeks, we have received report of auth popup showing up on the user screen.  It start going worse and worse until yesterday when even both Webwashe proxy failed the NTLM auth test.  After 10-15 minutes, it came back up.  Probably that the proxy switch to another of the DC in the list.  It start again on one of the proxy that I had to reboot to get thing back up fast.  Since then, both proxy are use the same DC  and no more popup yet (at least report to the support center).



      • Where (in what log) should I look to find occurance of NTLMv2 failure? Any way to be alert for this before the phone start ringing?
      • Any specific diagnostic / possible source of the problem  (other then the DC are failing)?
      • Looking at the proxy config, I just realise that NTLM cache was not activated.  Any problem I should look at if I activate it with a 60 sec cache time?


      Thank you