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    activation problem


      my problem is i have purchess hcl laptop in kolkata city .

      free 3 year subscription mcafee antivirus plus.

      but not activate this product.

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          Did you try clicking the lost password link right below the place where should be entering a password?


          I believe that will either send you a password renewal link, if you have an existing account or steer you to make a new profile.


          If you wish, Customer Service is avalable free of charge to help you with this: http://service.mcafee.com/faq/country.html

          See the 'Asia/Pacific (APAC)' section.

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            By the way, for your own privacy and security I have removed the email part of your log in name for these forums so you will have to log in again using shyamkumar as your user name.

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              I bought McAfee home security 2012 for my family two days ago and after the initial 2 hours of trying to install via disc and web, i tried customer support. Two of the web pages on my documentation were down, two tries on the chat service denied anything to do with technical, after getting through via telephone the operator took remote control of my pc and told me i had a confliction with "pchealth" and wanted to charge me to either dissable or remove.


              Not very impressed (and neither is the wife!).

              Action: Taking product back to pc world (Manchester UK) and asking for a refund.

              Installation should be a breeze for any product especially from a substantial company.

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                Did you try uninstalling PC health.  I'm not familiar with it but it sounds like security software so it and anything similar should be uninstalled first before installing any brand of software that is meant to doi the same or similar things.


                The OP here couldn't activate the product which is slightly different from not being able to install a product.


                You would also have to meet the minimum system requirements as outlined on the product pages.  As I don't know your system details and am not familar with McAfee Home Security by that name either I can't help you unless you explain further.


                Good luck.


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                  Thanks for your reply Peter,

                  as a follow up we returned to Pcworld our local branch and the assistant wanted another £30 to install and overcome our problem.

                  We politely pointed out that we were expecting a simple install ourselves, he graciously accepted our point and refunded our money.

                  I accept that sometimes maybe a conflict occurs in the system, but the wife doesn't .

                  Thanks again for your input though.

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                    Our Technical Support people would have helped you free of charge....by phone or online chat, but I guess that's all water under the bridge now.   Good luck. ;-)