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    E-mail notification not working

      Hey Everyone,



            I configured automatic response to receive e-mail "when the malware detected" , before that i configured mail server and  i send a testing mail to the recepient mail address. recepient address received the  test mail.   Now what is the problem is when the malware is detected means i'm not receiving any mail.please provide a solution to solve this problem





      thanks in advance.

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          Two questions. What events are you detecting and what settings have you chosen for aggregation?

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            Hi Tristan,


            this is my mcafee epo response details





            Name:                    Master Repository Update succeeded       
                        Description:                    Sends an e-mail notification when "Master Repository Update succeeded" events are received.       
                        Language:                    English       
                        Event:                    Event group: ePO Notification Events
                        Event type: Server       
                        Status:                    Enabled       
                        Aggregation:                    Trigger this response for every event.       
                        Grouping:                    Do not group aggregated events.       
                        Throttling:                    This response is not throttled.       
                        Actions:                                                1: Send Email