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    EEPC 6.1.1 fatal error "Getting disk info" - EETech hangs, BartPE bluescreens



      Laptop is Dell Latitude E6220, Bios A03. No CD-ROM, no floppy. HDD encrypted, autoboot enabled. Worked for a while like this.


      Now when rebooting it waits about 2 minutes and then shows "McAfee Endpoint Encryption Fatal Error: [0xEE020006] Getting Disk Info.


      I used Bootdisk.exe from the EEtech package to create a bootable USB from the EETech.RTB file from the same package. It booted.


      I "Set Boot Drive" as Disk1 (the only option that was available) and chose "Emergency Boot". General error "no operating system".


      I selected "Remove EEPC" option and clicked "start" or whatever it is called. It "started" decryption process but no progress at all and mouse/keyboard not working. So I assumed it hung.


      I have used a YUMI- tool recommended in one of the discussions here to create a bootable USB from the EEtech BartPE ISO. It bluescreens on loading.


      Changing Sata mode did not help.


      Any ideas how to fix it? Thanks.