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    Mcafee firewall won't stay turned on

      I know there are many many posts about this but some don't seem to be the same issue and I have tried all actions I can see in these posts so if anyone has any other suggestions I would appreciate it.


      Basically the firewall is always turned off and when it's turned back on will switch back after a few seconds.

      I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling mcaffe...I've ran rootkit, stinger and virtual technician and none have helped. I have tried to restore computer both to a previous time and do a complete factory restore but this causes an error message and won't do it.


      Also it blocks the Internet either entirely or sometime it will allow Internet explorer to run but will close down shortly after. I'm also unable to run the computer in safe mode - this starts to load then freezes then the computer restarts do alot of things that have helped others won't work.


      any suggestions would be really helpful as I'm completely out of ideas now.