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    Use  ePO 4.6 to automatically install agent, VSE and Site Advisor when computer is added to OU?


      In the settings, I only the the option to push the agent and apply one single tag.

      We normally use multiple tags.  We have a workstation tag, a tag to install VSE and another tag for installing SAE.

      So, after moving the computer into the active directory OU, the "workstation" tag is added (used for setting policies) and McAfee agent automatically installs, but we still have to manually add the  VSE and SAE tags before VSE and SAE install.

      The other otpin is to run a  manual client task to install those every time we add a new PC to the tree.

      It don't see any option to add multiple tags at the checkbox that says "

      Is there an easier and more automated way?