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    Latest round of updates are killing me


      Ok Folks;

      I am really in a gripey mood and I need to vent this stuff and see if I am just being stoopid or if there is some measure of legitivity my complaints;

      The latest pack of updates that I have been pushing include:


      ePO P2


      VSE P2



      The ePO P2 went well as far as I can tell, although it did not resolve what I updated for and that is this:


           1. The Agent update clears the threat events logs out of ePO for any machine I push it to.

                a.     I've confirmed the reason for this is that it changes the GUID.

                b.     This story is told in another thread but I don't know how to ID that thread for reference.

                c.     So anyway, this is painful but now I know why.

                d.     This is the beginning of my woes and I don't know why I have to manually push the agent deployment as opposed to ePO doing it automagically


           2. HIPS update (upgrade) is a complete failure

               a.     If I run a HIPS update i get the updated contents

                b.     If I attempt to upgrade HIPS to a machine with a previous product version, the deployment fails - EVERY TIME



      Amazingly, there are no percieved problems with VSE P2