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    EPO 4.5 DC change LDAP error

      Hello everyone.


      We have just recently changed our "old" server 2003 domain controllers and replaced them with server 2008 R2 (We demoted the old 2003 domain controllers).


      After that operation we changed the AD sync from the old DC to the new one, but for some reason we get an LDAP error on port 389, credentials rejected. Now the LDAP port is open, but for some reason EPO or the server wont allow the connection to the LDAP port, it is even rejecting the Enterprise Admin credentials which makes no sense.

      So my question is, what happend? Might it be because of the security on server 2008 that denies it or?


      In the EPO menu under registred servers we can easly setup a LDAP test connection to the epo server, but the log says otherwise when we try to sync with the AD.

      This error happend on all the 3 installed EPO servers we have one our site.


      Smells fishy.