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    EEPC EETech: MBR corruption guide and best practice

      Hi guys,


      I have encountered a  problem in EEPC v6.2, it seems that the boot sector of hard drive gets corrupted. I used the EETECH recovery tool and after decrypting the hard drive, I restored the MBR and the PC gets back to normal. It took me almost 5 hours in decrypting a 500GB hard drive. I just want to know if its possible to restore the MBR without decrypting it or bypassing the decryption process. If possible can anyone share me the instruction on how to do this?


      What are the cause and ways to prevent of getting the MBR corrupted? Honestly, I did not properly shutdown the PC just to test the functionality of EEPC and I think that is one of the reason why the MBR gets corrupted.


      Thanks in advance!


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