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    How do I Activate OEM Installed Antivirus Plus

      I just received my new WINDOWS 7 PC with McAfee Antivirus Plus trial already installed.  I cannot identify the version I already have because each component of Antivirus Plus has it's own version number.

      Suffice it to say, the Security Center component version is 11.0, and the VirusScan component version is 15.0


      My Question,

      If I buy a store boxed copy of AntiVirus Plus 2012, how do I activate the AntiVirus Plus already installed on my PC, without having to uninstall, then reinstall the boxed store copy.

      Is there an activation code supplied in the store boxed copy that can simply be entered into the version already installed on my PC?

      I get the best price for AntiVirus Plus by simply buying it in the store, on sale.

      I do not wish to have to go thru the process of UNINSTALLING the already installed trial when it expires.

      Thank you in advance for your reply.