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    Subscription Mixup

      A very basic question. I have  a new Inspiron laptop which came with one month's McAfee protection. I purchased a year's subscription when it ended but I keeo getting the reminder to renew the subscription. You would think that the new software would switch that off as one of its main functions. I don't want to remove the programme in case I remove the new one. How do I switch off the reminder. As you can see I am not naturally computer literate.

      Thank you. Chris Heath


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          Peter M



          I altered the header so that it's more in line with the discussion.  You could try the subscription repair tool as outlined HERE.  But if that fails then, as outlined HERE, an uninstall via Control Panel, followed by running the MCPR cleanup tool (Useful Links at the top of this page), reboot and then download from your online account HERE.