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    The module version of McAfee Internet Security Suit 2013?


      I try to re-download and install McAfee from my account, and the McAfee Internet Security Suit 2012 seems to update to 2013.

      But the modules version are not 12.0, 16.0, 13.0 ....,the version is X.6

      SecurityCenter is 11.6

      VirusScan is 15.6

      Personal Firewall is 12.6



      Are they all the correct version of 2013?



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          Peter M

          Yes they are correct, the year is irrelevant, see the last line.  When you pay for a product or sign on through your ISP or PC maker for their free version, and activate it, you are creating an online subscription that will always get the daily update and upgrade whenever it can to newer versions as long as you remain subscribed.   Yours will upgrade to 12.x whenever it becomes available to the servers that provide your updates.

          Some people subscribe through 3rd parties like AOL, Cox, MSN, Dell, AT & T, Verizon, BT, etc. and, although the software still gets prompt daily DAT updates, they usually wait quite a bit longer for upgrades because those 3rd parties rewrite the code to brand it with their own trademark or at least sit on it for a while before releasing it to their subscribers, something McAfee can't do anything about unfortunately.


          It can be confusing when you see 2013 software on sale, it's only a label, a marketing strategy, the software underneath is merely what's currently available.













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