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    Reappearing shortcut - again after latest patch @23 Sept 2012


      McAfee SecurityCenter recreates its shortcut folder in my start menu every time it updates itself since the latest patch (Security Center Build:11.6.385) on 23 September 2012. I've confirmed this with manually updating McAfee and although I've deleted the shortcut folder, it'll be recreated again when McAfee searches for updates. So when McAfee is manually or automatically updated, the folder with its shortcut, will return, sometimes causing my start menu to be highlighted, indicating a new program has been installed, which is McAfee SC.


      I've also experimented by not deleting the folder and then manually updating McAfee, but McAfee STILL recreated the folder, replacing the previous. I can know this by right-clicking the folder in the start menu and checking its creation time.


      Next, I experimented with moving the icon somewhere else. But when I force update McAfee, the icon will be moved back to its original location. Seems like there's that naughty piece of code in the latest patch again.


      Although this is not as annoying and obvious as the previous reappearing desktop icon, this too is still annoying when I want to keep fewer programs on my list. After all, McAfee SC automatically starts every time I boot into Windows, making the shortcut unnecessary. And when McAfee forces its icon on my list without my permission, it says something else as it behaves like a malicious spyware it was meant to combat in the first place. This problem may be benign, but then again, I wish to ask McAfee, why this problem keeps on repeating itself. We all know it isn't the first time happening nor even the 2nd. If I remember correctly, it has happened at least thrice in recent months.

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          Peter M

          It's normal behaviour for any software to make a Start Menu shortcut, that's what the Start Menu is for.   However if you choose to remove it, removed it should stay.


          What operating system and service pack is this?


          That said, for those who want to remove all such shortcuts, we Mods thought that they had long since fixed that issue along with the reappearing desktop one.


          I suggest contacting Technical Support and asking for escalation if necessary. 


          It's free and available via the link under Useful Links at the top of this page.