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    EE: System Data Rollup Fails


      I have just updated our 'parent' ePO server to 4.6.3, and since this time, I have seen errors with our Rollup information. I have a platinum request for the others, but I thought I would come here for this one.


      I am trying to roll up from another 4.6.x server the endpoint encryption data they have using the EE: System Data option in the server tasks. when i attempt this, the server task log shows the following:


      9/21/12 12:22:01 PM           Started: Roll Up Data                   
      9/21/12 12:22:01 PM           Failed: Failed to do rollup from ((NAME REMOVED)) ePO - Invalid object name 'EpeSystems_RollupSource'.                   
      9/21/12 12:22:01 PM           Failed: Rollup failed - EE: System Data                   
      9/21/12 12:22:01 PM           ((NAME REMOVED)) EE Data (Roll up data from registered servers)                   


      any idea why?


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