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    Communication problems after applying EPO 4.5 patch 6




      After upgrading from 4.5 patch 4 to patch 6 our agent communication seems to have stopped functioning properly. We can no longer send wake-up calls to any device as they time out but using collect and send props seems to be working okay and our agents are reporting in to the server. Scheduled tasks seem to be okay such as EE LDAP and Active Directory Sync and repository updates (master and distributed).


      The more critical problem we are having is Endpoint Encryption is no longer functioning. When trying to encrypt laptops the EEPC (version and EEAgent (version modules are deployed and a restart prompted but after restarting the laptop disk encryption does not start. Checking the Encryption Status the system state sits at Waiting for information indefinitely and there is no volume information displayed or module information. Communication between laptops that are encrypted has also stopped and agents are reporting they are unable to connect to the epo server. Under their system properties in EPO however they seem to be reporting in regularly and there are 0 sequence errors reported. If the McAfee Agent is reinstalled communication is re-established but encryption does not seem to get updated still as tokens cannot be updated and new users cannot be added to the devices. Currently our users are still able to log in but they have to use their last updated password before the issue occurred.


      We can Telnet between the EPO Server and Laptops on all the ports used by the agents but it is obvious that communication is not functioning correctly for some reason.


      The laptops are running Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3 and have agent installed on them. I've attached an agent log to this post which is not encrypted but has had the EEAgent and EEPC deployed to it. I've also attached the logs from the EPO Server. We would roll back from previous backup but patch 6 was installed on the 10th of August and the problem wasn't noticed until recently, there were no errors reported during the patch installation. The date and change of this shows up in the EpoApSvr_error.log. EPO is running in a VMWare environment on Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 (32-bit).