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    Agents from deployed image not sending threat events

      I sucessfully deployed the Agent and VSE 8.8 using an image for multiple computers. They check in with ePolicy , get the policies, DAT updates and everything else. They seem to work the way they shold except threat events do not show up in ePolicy. I use the EICAR.COM file to test this. I know ePolicy is working fine since the computers in my network that were not deployed from an image send the event threats and they show up in ePolicy the way they should, it is just events from the agenst I deployed with an image that are not working. When i use the EICAR.COM on these computers VSE does detect it but no event shows up in ePolicy.


      This is being done with a VMware VDI pool so everytime a user logs off a new desktop is created and the old one deleted, maybe it has soemthing to do with this?