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    McAfee scan

      Following a full scan of my computer McAfee reported 6 threats detected, no other information given.

      No file information, no way of identifing the file. It did not say Qurantined or nutralised or deleted.

      Has any body out there got any ideas how to proceed please?

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          Peter M

          Anything in the Quarantine folder?


          Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter

          Click Navigation (top right)

          Scroll down and locate 'Quarantined and Trusted Items'

          Expand the 3 sections there and they should be listed in one or more of them.

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            Thanks for your suggestion Peter. Unfortunately as you can see there is no navigation and the Quarantine list is empty the history log shows no risks, not very helpful of Mcafee. Have you any other suggestions please.





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              Peter M

              I see that your are using BT Net Protect Plus which has a totally different interface and for a MAC which I don't know anything about at all I'm afraid.


              As far as I can see from your picture they should be in that Quarantine or History and Logs sections, if not then I would contact Technical Support via the link under Useful Links at the top of this page.


              They are free via phone or online chat.  They would know more about your product than I do and could probably extract logs.


              FYI I have asked repeatedly for a section to be created in these forums for MAC products, in vain thus far.


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