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    Encryption Deployment Question - Reboots

      After the Endpoint package is delivered and the agent is installed, the computer prompts for a reboot.  Is there a way, in the deployment script, to force the reboot?  I am doing a large deployment and I am hoping to get this as automated as possible.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

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          I actually have the oposite request.   Are the reboots really necessay,  especially after each component?   Can we deploy both parts and then reboot.   The KB on using 3rd party tools on says the service needs to be started.  And it shows both components being installed,  then talks about need for service restart.   I just put my 3,000 users through the two reboot routine to get them up to 6.2.   But 6.2.1 has a fix I really need.  (accurate reporting of the EE Admin version).   Ideally I would like no reboot, but I suspect that is not currently possible.   But if I can surpress the reboot on the Admin piece and then deploy the Engine piece and ask for a reboot,  I could live with that.

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            You can set the option to auto reboot under McAfee Agent Default Policies


            Reboot options after product deployment (Windows only):


            So just check the option Force Reboot with time in Seconds.


            And thos who does not want reboot after installation of any product, just unchech these options.