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    Products not listed in Update window


      I am running two separate ePO installations on two distinct domains. Domain #1 is running ePO 4.6.1; domain #2 is running ePO 4.6.2 (from 4.6.0 as of two days ago to see if it resolves my issue).


      In domain #2, when I click Actions - Agent - Update Now, and the Packages window pops up, I am missing products - VSE 8.8 is the most glaring. Not only that, but I removed VSE 8.5 extensions etc. the other day and I still see VSE 8.5 as an update option.


      Domain #1 is fine.


      I can't seem to figure out how and where this list is modified.  I can bring up both ePO monitors simultaneously to compare settings between them and the only difference I can see are the ePO versions.


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