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    McAfee agent  4.5 on a VM

      I am really new at this and not sure what I am missing.  I updated on a VM to ePO 4.5.5 and  installed on the VM the 4.5 agent

      when I click on the update shield tab on the VM I get an unable to find a valid repository;  and an update process failed.

      I know this is very vaque. but a few pointers to check?  How do I know if it even connected to the ePO?

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          Please initiate ASCI from the client machine (M icon=>right click=>Agent status monitor) and click on tabs. Do you see any error message?

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            Hi HEM..what I did was to remove the agent manually and now trying to get the ePO to push the agent .  

            If I go to my Detected systems on the ePO .  I show that my Subnet status shows 1 contain Rogues 7 uncovered.

            I show in my Over all system status box I have 7 Rogue. I show in my Rogue System Sensor Status all are 0

            How do I get my ePO to push an agent ....  in my Rouge System Interfaces by Subnet I show all of my 192.168.101 xxx ip address....so my ePO does does see my network I varified that it can communicate with it via a ping in the ePO. 


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