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    ePO Exclusion Wildcards




      I am a new administrator for my enterprise for ePO version 4.6 and I am just starting to work with exclusions. 


      I have a set of questions that i need help with.  I have read articles on the exclusion wildcards but am confuse on how they actually should be set.  For example, if i want to exclude the spool directory in general, would it be **\Spool\ or *\Spool or *\Spool\?  Which one covers all the folder and subfolders?  Also, how do the setting checkbox to include all subfolders actually work in 4.6?


      Migrating from 4.0 it was set as *\Spool.  However, with the new version of ePO i am not certain this is excluding everything because I see the logs showing items in the spool directory being scanned.


      Second question:  how do i know that my exclusion really work or not working?


      Thanks to anyone that is kind enough to assist a new admin on this. 


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          The easy thing to remember is the "Slash Rule". If it ends in a slash then you mean a directory. If it ends in somehting else you mean a file. Your example of "*\Spool" excludes a file named "Spool" without an extension. Most likely not the desried outcome. You will find that 90% of all exclusions simply aren't necessary. Rather than fix them I would recommend removing them.


          Also, you should NOT exclude the spooler directory. This has been a recent area of attack. One machine would print garbage to 1000+ printers.

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            Thank you for your response.  I will give this a shot and take your comment into account.