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    McAfee Total Protection, Memory leak in fwpkclnt.sys after update 11.09.2012



      I have already sent email about this issue to McAfee support, but the first answer was to update my graphics driver, while the issue is clearly related to networking and has nothing to do with my graphics card.


      McAfee Total Protection causes a memory leak in fwpkclnt.sys (monitored as Fwpx in poolmon.exe from Windows Driver Kit). I can reproduce this issue on all my 3 PC's running Windows 7 x64 SP1 with latest updates.


      The rate of the memory leak is related to amount of network traffic, more traffic, faster the leak. The leak will eventually cause the PC to run out of Nonpaged pool -memory and causes a BSOD (sorry no minidump available, I'm not going to crash my PC again and I accidentaly deleted the first dump I got). Before total crash I am experiencing instability of multiple application. RAMMap.exe from Sysinternals suite wont run, poolmon.exe wont run anymore, Winamp has issues playing back a internet radio stream, etc.


      The issue goes away when I remove McAfee Total Protection. I now have removed it from 2 of my 3 PC's and those two are now running as expected.


      As you can see from the pictures attached, the kernel nonpaged memory usage has grown from 56 MB (Picture 1) to 525 MB in just 9 minutes (Picture 2) and in less than 10 minutes poolmon.exe wont run anymore and RAMMap.exe wont start either (Picture 3 and 4).


      McAfee support has been no help so far so I'm posting this here in hopes that somebody can take this up the support chain.


      I can provide any additional information if needed.

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