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    McAfee System Security Center update taking out internet access



        Last month, we experienced the update issue taking out our internet access.  Starting yesterday, the update knocked out the internet on my fiancee's laptop, but not mine.  I came to the community forum here and found this document at the top of the page.




        I followed it, and none of the suggestions, except uninstalling, using the MCPR tool, and re-installing from our downloads fixed it. 


        Now today, she lost internet again.  She did a system restore to prior to the update, and it restored internet access.  She ran the Virtual Technician, and it found 11 issues, and tried to fix them, but returned a message stating "Could not fix all problems". 


        Now Windows is showing no antivirus installed, but Mcafee is there and downloading updates. 


      Any clue where to start?  I don't want to have to do a system dump and restore the whole thing to factory default, but I can if necessary.