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    ERROR: Module linuxshield is in use   failed to unload the linuxshield kernel module




      We have a number of RHEL systems running VSEL1.7 (standalone) and have been looking to deploy the agent software to centrally manage the policy.  The install looks to have worked ok, and I can confirm that when browsing to the GUI on port 55443 and looking at the exclusion configurations, it has picked up the policy configured on ePO.  The DATs also updated from the ePO repository.  Aside from everything looking healthy, I noted that when running the install.sh there was an error as per the title of this post, however it doesnt appear to have been a serious error that stopped the install.  Has anybody else seen this, or can anybody comment.  As said, although it looks healthy, I always like to check these things.


      This may be linked with my post https://community.mcafee.com/message/256781


      Section of install.sh output attached.