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    windows crashed due to latest UPDATE

      About 15 minute ago I opened my new laptop (toshiba qosmio) and Mcafee antivir plus warned me that there is a new update. But several days ago, as you all know I lost my internet connection because of the perfect update of Mcafee anyway I spent lots of time to fix it. So that I change the update settings to prevent automatic download. however I trusted Mcafee again and I installed the latest update. BUT AFTER THAT UPDATE WINDOWS CRASHED then a screen came and it says that you need to re-configurate the windows or you can start the windows normaly. then I selected the first one but nothing happend (black screen and mouse icon) after that I restart the computer and now I selected the second one but it waits a little bit and turn back to warning screen again. Mcafee suprise me again. So please tell me What am I supposed to do right know?

      Of course I will remove Mcafee and never use it again but how can I save my computer.


      Note: I spent lost of money for that computer but due to the mcafee's fault I can not use it aprox. during a week


      Also all of the programs which I installed to my computer are all registered (I mean all of them  have licenses)


      And ı am using Windows 7  64bit

      Sor for the english mistakes