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    Remove option in the client task disappeared

    Bruno Caldas

      hello guys,

      I have a proplem in epo, while trying to create the task, the client task

      go on  Client Task Assignment  >  in product , select mcafee agent > in task type , select product deployment >  after I select create new task.


      done that select the type of product  > McAfee Agent for Windows in action not appear REMOVE .



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          Yep, you don't have an option to remove the McAfee Agent with a client task.


          You can do it manually, though.


          Click START then RUN  and put the following, including quotes:


          "C:\Program Files\McAfee\Common Framework\frminst /forceuninstall"


          or for 64-bit systems use:


          "C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\Common Framework\frminst /forceuninstall"


          This will remove the agent for you.



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            Or, if you delete the machine from the ePO system tree, you will be given an option to uninstall the agent - if you select this option, then the next time the agent contacts the server, it will "delf-destruct" and uninstall the agent. (Or move to unmanaged mode if there are any products, like VSE, still installed.)


            HTH -



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              Bruno Caldas

              Thanks guys, unfortunately has to be done this way.
              I thought I could make a deploy the product to uninstall.



              Thank you very much.


              Bruno Caldas

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                this is a sad day!!! i have been using ePO since version 3.6 and YES there used to be a REMOVE option in the agent task. McAfee DEV's removed it and to this day I STILL DO NOT KNOW WHY!!!! I really need that option now. McAfee released Agent 4.8 and I stupidly figured that if it was in my Software auto update tool that it must have been release at least a few weeks prior so that McAfee and real world users can test. well that was my stupid mistake that i will never make again. Now Agent 4.8 has reached 508 of my 3000 systems and it is crashing explorer (not internet explorer) on all these systems. so i do a google search and and low and behold there is a McAfee KB article (https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB77918&cat=CORP_&actp=LIS T) and the fix listed is..... wait for it..... wait till the next release revision.  and now since they removed the "remove" from the agent deployment task i now have 508 machines that i have to manually uninstall the agent and re-install Agent 4.6 on



                BOOOOOO McAfee!!! not for releasing a buggy Agent 4.8 (i blame myself for deploying that) but i am boooing you for removing the "Remove" from the agent deployment task

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                  The should not be any need to uninstall and reinstall - the explorer crash is a one-time event that happens during the agent upgrade, and should not happen again. If you want to avoid any further instances, I would simply stop the rollout of 4.8, but I wouldn't recommend rolling back to 4.6 on those machines that have received 4.8, unless you have other problems that would require it.


                  There hasn't been an option to use an agent deployment task to remove the agent itself for a very long time, since you'd be trying to run a task that would be trying to kill the process that spawned it. (I've just checked an ePO 3.6.1 server with CMA 3.5.5, which is as far back as my test machines go.) If you want to replace the agent with an earlier version the best approach is to send the agent install from ePO using the "force install" option - this is a separate process, not one spawned by the existing agent.


                  The fix for this problem will be in the next patch because it's a problem with the installer itself, and there's no way to hotfix something that's not installed yet - the only way to deliver the fix is in a complete installation package.


                  HTH -



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                    Well that is not the case in my enviroment JoeBidgood. the explorer crash was NOT a one time event, it was reported from multiple users to happen to them multiple times since the Agent 4.8 was pushed. I know you say a rollback is not necessary but in my case it is. I am currently TRYING to do a reinstall of the 4.6 agent using the force option but it does not seem to be working cause my reports do not show the the number of 4.8 agents in my tree going down. it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to manually touch 1500+ machines. this is a nightmare!!!

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                      In that case, I would strongly suggest opening a case with Support, as that's not an issue we've seen before. (Unless the agent is failing to install, and another attempt is being made later, which would cause another explorer crash.)


                      Thanks -