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    nailsd.cfg does not match GUI content (VSEL1.7) after agent software deployment




      We have a number of servers running VSEL1.7 (standalone) and have been rolling out the ePO agent software in order to centrally manage the policies.  Due to the way that the administrative process works, we do not always have access to resource with nails credentials, and as such, some of the checks associated with the works have been as follows (there are a lot more, but not relevant to this post):


      - confirm content of /opt/NAI/LinuxShield/template/etc/nailsd.cfg on target server
      - run install.sh package and confirm connectivity to ePO (ePO system tree, and local agent log file)
      - confirm content of /opt/NAI/LinuxShield/template/etc/nailsd.cfg on target server


      After the deployment of the McAfee ePO agent software to one server in particular (that we did happen to have nails access to), I noted that although the on-access exclusions mirrored what was configured on the central ePO policy for VSEL, the nailsd.cfg file did not reflect these exclusions.


      My questions are:

      - am I looking at the right file?
      - if so, then why isnt the file updating, and how would I confirm that the correct on-access exclusions have been picked up without access to the VSEL GUI?


      Help appreciated as always!!!