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    Running ePO 4.0, clean install to 4.6



      First time user of McAfee products and I am tasked with reviewing the current out dated AV solution at my company.  We are up to date with the workstation DATs but running ePO 4.0.  Considering doing the upgrade, but wonder if starting from scratch on new VM would be quicker and less headache. 


      Anyone else go this route to get system up to date?


      How would jumping from ePO 4.0 to ePO 4.6 effect the workstations/clients?  Is there any special consideration or advice anyone can provide.


      Thanks for looking and any advice you can provide,



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          If you're starting from scratch you'll have to re-deploy (or transfer) all your agents, setup the policies etc. All depends on how much "garbage" you have in your current ePO environment and if your new ePO setup is completely different from the current setup.


          If you want to upgrade your ePO server, there's a comment in another thread (https://community.mcafee.com/message/256027#256027) that you have to upgrade to ePO 4.0 patch 7 before upgrading to ePO 4.6.

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            It will have little effect on the workstations themselves. From experience, I can tell you that the type of ePO server you describe probably has a lot of serious policy deviations. Getting closer to default policies is probably a good idea. If you think you have deviated significantly then it might be a good idea to start fresh and deploy the agents (using the force option) from the new ePO server to capture to old agents. Understanding what you have is quite crucial. if you don't understand it then perhaps you should build something you do understand.


            Just an opinion. You  have options.

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              My vote is for re-build!


              I had4.5 and tried upgrading 20 times to 4.6 and everytime crashed the server and had to resort to backups.


              Once I had my new server I just started installing agents over existing ones so i could migrate in my own time (and check my new policies.)


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