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    Invisible McAfee Window


      Hello, the computers that have this problem are Vista (Latest SP) and they are running Security 11.6.  Both computers didn't have this problem until it recently updated to Security Center 11.6, along with the Firewall, Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, and QuickClean getting updated.


      What happens is that when I plug in a USB flashdrive, it use to have a McAfee popup in the bottom right hand corner of the screen asking if I want to scan or not.  However, that window didn't show up.  It wasn't until I moused over that part of the screen did I see my arrow become the clicking hand.  The same thing happened when I would do a scan, usually once the scan is done it would display small details about the scan and give me the choice to "view scan details" or "close".  Again, I moused over and noticed the same thing.  I mean the window not showing for the scan results is fine as it will disappear if I hit "done" on the main McAfee window.


      The one that is bothering me is that I was trying to update a program and the program wouldn't run.  Again, I checked the bottom corner and there was the clicking hand showing up.  I managed to get the program through because I remember that the options were always "Allow Always", "Allow Once", "Outgoing Only" and "Block".  So I had to manual move my mouse slowly until it became an arrow again meaning that I pass one option and I was able to select the Allow Once option.


      So how do I fix this, I mean my McAfee has been working just fine before the update to the newest version of the Security Center.  I have another computer but that computer didn't receive the update to 11.6 and it doesn't have this problem.


      I mean it would really be messed up if McAfee had changed the order of the options or the wording.  This would mean that if I was trying to select Allow Once, but it was swapped with Outgoing Only that would be dangerous to the users.


      I am hoping McAfee has a fix for this because it was working before.


      If there is any additional information needed, my alerts for completed scans and USB drive is marked as display.  My Firewall settings has been the same as before, the Traffic Controller level is set to Stealth and the Intrusion Protection isn't turn on (it was like this after the update).

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