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    VSE 8.8 P2 vs. 6807 issue


      We've rolled out the small patch, and about 87% of our machines have reported ok..


      But we've got 13% of them that are reporting as problematic..and don't seem to want to fix themselves..


      I tried with one and it DID accept the upgrade to P2....


      So my question is, is a machien with P2 still vulnerable to the issue, considering that the installation of P2 will force Mcafee services to restart, or is pushing machines to P2 as possible solution to problem machines?

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          Yes, if your machines are reporting problematic so even after applying P2, they are still vulenarble, P2 doesnt address that issue but only that Hotfix.

          For some reasons ePO Query doesnt give you exact resuilts even though the Hotfix was applied, I would suggest to run a SQL script to find out exat HOtfix number applied on your machines and if it reports well, you are done.


          Copy and paste this script into your DB SQL Query, you may change the number string with the hotfix number that you have applied and want query for.(this query is for Hotfix 793640)


          1.Open the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

          2.Right click your ePO Database and select New Query

          3.Copy and paste the following Microsoft SQL Query

          4.Click Execute


          select ln.nodename as Hostname, pp.productversion as Version, pp.hotfix asPatch, ps.value as Hotfix from epoleafnode ln join epoproductproperties pp onln.autoid = pp.parentid join epoproductsettings ps on pp.autoid = ps.parentidwhere ps.settingname = 'Fixes' and ps.value like '%793640%'
          order by hostname


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            i'm not familiar with the intricacies SQL..


            If any machine with the patch is ok, then is there a way to do that SQL script with a NOT statement, so I can identify only machine that DON'T have the hotfix?

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              First I would like to try this one:


              Open ePo console and double click any problematic machine.

              Click on Products.

              In the product list click Virus Scan Enterprise

              Scrol down this window and under "General Tab" look for

              Fixes=xxxxxxxx, if you see the applied Hotfix number here them its ok.