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    unable to access web interface




      i am using McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Linux, version. 1.6 on rhel5


      i am unable to access the web interface using https://192.168.xxx.xxx:55443. The browser keeps on loading. I am using firefox.


      The other thing is i am unable to find a the bin directory as given in the manual.../opt/NAI/LinuxShield/bin directory...here is the output of folders


      [root@DB ~]# cd /app

      [root@DB app]# ls

      lost+found  New folder  opt  Test

      [root@DB app]# cd opt

      [root@DB opt]# ls


      [root@DB opt]# cd NAI

      [root@DB NAI]# ls


      [root@DB NAI]# cd LinuxShield

      [root@DB LinuxShield]# ls

      dev  etc  log  run  spool

      [root@DB LinuxShield]#