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    Virusscan 8.8 (any patch level) causing PC's to restart

      Hi, I work in an enviroment that has a staff AD and a public AD. I've updated the staff PC's to virusscan 8.8 patch 1 with no problems. On the public AD I am having issues. Any version of viruscan 8.8, so thats no patch, patch 1 and 2, the PC will do a forced restart if you logout, or try a controlled restart. Also if I uninstall 8.8 and put 8.7 back on the PC they still continue to do the same thing. Any PC that has only had 8.7 and not been touched by 8.8 behave correctly. Admittedly these PC's do have third party software on they to lock them down as they are public terminals, and in the end it could point back to that, but I have disabled it on a select number of PC's and I am still experiencing it. Anyobe have any suggestions before I log a call with McAfee? Thanks, Dave.

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          Considering that you're only seeing the behavior on the PCs w/ the deepfreeze/security software, your other PCs are fine and this isn't a common problem with other users of VSE, I'd start with the deepfreeze/security software support.  Are you following their recommended process to apply the AV update so that it's now part of the baseline image, if they have one?