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    Access to Encrypted USB



      I have a question regarding EEFF.

      As I know, with this product I can encrypt USB flash without any installed software on USB.

      Than when I put this USB into corporate PC authentication will be needed, it's right?

      But how this works if I'll put encrypted USB into the PC that has not installed McAfee products (Agent, EE Agent) ? I mean, it works on any Windows OS the same way?


      thank you


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          I think your missing the point of the product. The idea of encryption is to prevent data being stolen.


          If a computer doesn't have the nessesary McAfee products on it then it doesn't belong to the corporation and therefore the data needs to be protected from un-authorized access.


          If your trying to send data to an external company then don't use an encrypted device

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            There are different options depending on what you want the experience to be - you can use eerm for example to allow password access to encrypted files on machines without eeff installed....