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    traffic control



      I wanted to know if it is normal to have 30mb of outgoing traffic on one day?


      Is this a lot or is it normal?



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          Peter M

          Well I don't use my machine much except for these forums and online banking/shopping but I do have some programmes running which call home frequently as does McAfee and other software of course, and over a month my outgoing varies on a daily basis between 35mb and 850mb, incoming between 500mb and 1gb. even higher on some days, so yes I would say you are OK.

          It will vary wildly between different types of users I think you'll find.


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            thanks for the info.


            It seem s to be that the host proces for windows service is using more then a few months ago.


            Normaly it was using around 20 procent and now between 38 and 45 procent.

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              Peter M

              You could always open a case with Tech Support.  I think some improvements in resource usage are incorporated in the new version which will be released soon.