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    Lost of internet after update yesterday

      I am unable to connect to the internet after a McAfee update yesterday.  I followed the instructions about uninstalling mcafee and restarting my computer, but that did not work.  In fact, my computer will only start in safe mode - and I still have no internet connection.  I spent a log time in technical support online chat, only to be told that it was my internet provider's problem  THAT IS NOT THE CASE, since my internet provider is working just fine on my other 2 computers.  This is the second time in the last month that this has happened.  I am sick of McAfee causing me these problems every time it updates!!

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          When  you uninstalled did you run the removal tool?   It's listed under Useful Links at the top of this page.  Reboot afterwards.


          If your Internet connection doesn't work or can't be repaired then it can't be a McAfee problem then because McAfee wont be on your machine at all.


          Try that and then reinstall the software.

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            I clicked on the useful links tab above, the computer removal tool - and this is what I got!


            The Document ID you entered was not recognized in our system. Please type the Document ID again, and make sure to use the correct prefix.


            As much help as I have been getting all day.

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              You know it sounds to me like you've picked up some sort of infection which can happen no matter what antivirus you have installed.  Have you tried using System Restore to go back to before all this happened?


              As far as "As much help as I have been getting all day." - would you prefer no-one to answer you here or what?


              Nothing like insulting the unpaid help I always say!

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                Sorry, I'm just extremely frustrated.

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                  Been there many times so you have my sympathies.     Any chance a System Restore might save this situation as I suggested?

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                    In the past, system restore has never worked on this computer.  It always says unable to restore.


                    Also, since I am in safe mode, it says that you can not undo a restore from safe mode.


                    I also tried the removal tool and it wouldn't let me do that.  First it said I didn't have permission, then when I tried to redo it, said the process was in use.


                    The only reason I am so upset about this is because the same thing happened a few weeks ago.  The online support took control of my computer and could not fix the problem.  He scheduled a service call the next day (and by then I had lost internet connection).  The tech who called fixed the internet connection problem immediately by having me do just a couple of things which I unfortunately can't remember.  Then he took over the computer remotely and fixed all the problems caused by the update.   This is why I'm sure it's the McAfee update and not my computer.  Unfortunately the online support guy today said he could not have anyone call me on the phone.

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                      There's something weird going on then because System Restore should work, unless something is sabotaging it such as an infection or running a registry cleaner can cause all kinds of troubles not leat of which would be malfunctioning software.


                      The guy who said he couldn't get anyone to call you was most likely not allowed to do that at his level, you should have asked for the issue to be escalated.  Anyway it's up to you if you want to ask them again.


                      MCPR saying you didn't have permission would indicate that you weren't signed in asan Administrative-level user and to start it again I would assume the process would have had to be ended in Task Manager.


                      System Restore can be reversed whatever mode it's started in.  Windows throws up warnings regardless of mode, they are simply just that, warnings.


                      If you can start it in Safe Mode by all means do it.

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                        Thanks for trying to help me, but I am going to give up and call in a computer repair person to try to fix my problems.  Once my internet connection is restored on my desktop computer, I will be requesting a refund from McAfee for all 3 of my subscriptions.  I am on oxygen 24/7 and my health can not tolerate the stress that McAfee products have caused me in the last month. 

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