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    Advice on Bandwidth Usage from clients in different sites



      I have 4 Site locate in different area as below.


      Wan Link


      Site A :  4 MB  - Master Repository With ePO server (100 Nodes)

      Site B:  4MB  - Distributed Repository  ( 50 Nodes)

      Site C:  4MB -  Distributed Repository ( 50 Nodes)

      Site D:  2 MB - Distributed Repository ( 20 Nodes)


      All site will using same ghost image to do the clonning. I got copy mcAfee agent installer from ePO server from site A and install, after this install Virus Scan and update to lastest DAT and install DLP Agent. Delete Agent GUID.


      I plan to configure Site B, Site C and site D as Distributed Repository to replicate from Master Repository. When node with McAfee Agent/ DLP Agent install  trigger security event/Unauthorize Device Control access it will report/send event to ePO server right? will this causing Network bandwidth problem if many nodes send report/event back to ePO server over the WAN at the same time?


      My concern will this design will cause my nerwork bandwidth issues? Since i have other application like citrix XenApp , email and AD DC running on the three ste. My priority is to reduce the network traffic over the LAN.


      I got consult McAfee support, they recommand to configure SuperAgent in every site. If configure SuperAgent in everysite will it really help to reduce the network traffic over the WAN?


      At last, how to make sure nodes always getting update from their nearest Repository when user travel to other site? Creating multiple same DNS Host record with diferrent IP? For mcAfee agent do i need to do any change on the repository page to change any setting to add in the other distributed repository site?


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